Best OnePlus 7T Pro Battery Case Rechargeable Extended Battery Charging Cover

OnePlus 7T Pro Charging Case
Perfect fit: Li-Polymer Battery based,for OnePlus 7T Pro .
top quality product:A+ grade Lithium-ion polymer battery
Input Current:5V 1800mAh
Output Current:5V 1500mAh
Working Temperature:0-45
Storage/Transport Temperature:-20/-50
Charging Time:~3.5H

made of TPU material, full protection
short circuit protect.
with 4 colors LED light
Not support wireless charging or any other Qi wireless charging pad.
Slim and not bulky but also can keep full body protection
Portable TripOnePlus 7T Pro Charging Case External Power Cover Rechargeable Juice Pack Backup protected from drops and impacts

Input Current: 5V 1800mA
Output Current: 5V 1800mA
Operating Temperature: 0 -45
Battery capacity:
Storage / Transport Temperature: -20-50
Cycle Life: 400 times
Charging time for battery case: about 3-5 hours
Charging time for Phone: about 2-3 hours

Please Note:
Please all charging first use.
Please use the original charger charging the battery case.
press the power button 3 seconds and start charging. To stop charging,just long press power button 3 seconds again till the led light off.

How to charge the phone:

Take off the top cover of the battery case and slide your mobile phone into it. Make sure your mobile phone is well connected to the dock on the battery case.OnePlus 7T Pro has been Released.We can get it now
The top battery case Brand is releasing their products

has First release their OnePlus 7T Pro Battery Case

OnePlus 7T Pro Battery Case Slim Rechargeable Extended Protective Portable Backup Charging Cover Pack Charger more than 110% extra battery capacity FULL 360 degree PROTECTION complete protection against drops and hard falls

The highest industry regulatory certificates: CE, RoHS, and FCC safety system