Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case Charging Cover Extended Power Rechargeable Charger Protective

We Could Find iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case from Top brand Lvmous / Zerolemon / Apple / Mophie / Which is the best for you?

#1 Lvmous Brand

Lvmous Design New Release
iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case
Hight Capacity 5000mAh / Fashion Thin Look / Quality Design / Comfortable Touch Feeling / Slim than other Brand / Price is Acceptable for most of us / Can’t buy from amazon
Test More / Hight Technology / Safe Enough / Over charge protection / Short-circuit protection / Over current protection / Over voltage protection / Full body Shockproof Protection

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#2 Zerolemon

This brand design battery case for many years
Quality and Heavy Duty Protective
A little expensive but high capacity for 10000mah
An important feature is that support wireless charging QI standed that’s good
Features : Add 200% Extra Battery Life / MIL-STD Protection & Shockproof / Lightning Earphone & Data Sync & CarPlay Compatible / Qi Wireless Charging Compatible / 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
made of soft TPU rubber, provide full edge protection
safe with internal circuit protection against overheating, overload and short circuit.
with 4 colors LED light
Not support wireless charging or any other Qi wireless charging pad.
Slim and not bulky but also can keep full body protection
Portable Trip

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#3 Mophie

Mophie is an old brand to design battery case
Famous and popular
Expensive but always no doult of it’s quality
Features: Charge on the go / Lightning port access / Wireless easy power / Convenient / Protection

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#4 Apple

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case is on designing
maybe it will release soon
Take a look for new design

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Perfect fit: Li-Polymer Battery,specially designed for iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Type of product:A grade Lithium-ion polymer battery
Input Current:5V 1800mAh
Output Current:5V 1500mAh
Working Temperature:0℃-45℃
Storage/Transport Temperature:-20℃+/-50℃
Charging Time:~3.5H

New Uique Stylish Design
More Power Ultra Large Capacity
Ultra Thin and Light
Support Quick Charging
Camera Protection
Power level indicator LED lights
More power and Thiner then the First one but you should be careful slip out for the design not full body surround

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case 6000mAh Portable External Backup Charging Case Rechargeable Impact Resistant Extended Power Charger Black more than 120% extra battery capacity The light-weight design features a rigid plastic shell and raised corners complete protection against drops and hard falls. Built-in fail-safe circuitry and temperature protection prevents over-charging and overheating The first-class lithium-ion polymer cells also guarantee the most efficient charge.Not only offer a comprehensive protection to your iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case, it could also recharge the phone when it runs out of power.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Charging Case Battery Cover 4800 mAh External Power Charger Black high capacity battery that gives you backup power all day long.equipped with Dual Charge Technology use USB cable to charge and sync your mobile phone device with your PC Macbook computer. easy to charge your battery case slim durable Sleek Fail proof built-in IC that monitors temperature and input standard testing with approvals from FCC, RoHS, and CE. Grade A+ battery cells

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case 7000mAh Hight capacity Top Quality External Power Bank Cover Portable Charger Protective Charging Case effectively provide double standby time to your phone.Intelligent switch and accurate power display,the features of LED battery level indicator letting you know exactly the power you have (0–25%–50%–75%–100%).Good comfortable Touching Feeling and safe

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Cover Charger Case 4200mah Wireless Charging High Impact Protection tough Polycarbonate exterior and shock-absorbent rubber provide added protection raised corners that prevent your screen from coming in contact with flat surfaces, even when laying face down

iPhone 11 Pro Max 5000mAh Charging Cover Slim External Protective Rechargeable Portable Charging Case Back Cover Bank Power Pack can supply power to two mobile phones at the same time, so you don’t have to worry about the power failure of the mobile phone when you go out. precise speaker cutouts, charging ports, audio ports and buttons. effectively provide dual standby time avoids short circuit or overcharge.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Charger Case 8000mAh Great Power Extended Charging Battery Power Case A class polymer battery safe charge Product Material: Rubber + ABS + Metal Battery Type: Li-polymer Battery Capacity:8000 mAh Input: DC 5V / 1500mAh Output: DC 5V / 1500mAh

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery case Charging Cover Extended Rechargeable Slim Smart Backup Charger Power Bank

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has been Released
The Top Battery Case Brands are releasing their battery cover
Now we suggest the best iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case to you

1 brand Moonmini iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case

Moonmini is the first brand release their iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery case
the top Battery case brand for the past years update every year!
Good Price for most of user

a. 6000mah iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case Extended Charging cover

Rechargeable / Rechargeable / portable / LED Indicator / TPU Edge Protection / Full protection / Extended Use

Powerful Li-polymer / IC Protection / Input over-voltage protection / Over current protection / Short circuit protection / Over charge protection

b. 6000mah Gold Bumper Coloful iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case Rechargeable Protective

Colorful for choose / unique special / portable / travel / trip / hight capacity / LED INDICATOR / ULTRA THIN
Short-circuit protection / Over charge protection / Over current protection / Over voltage protection

c 5000mah iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery 3 colors

Slim fit and lightweight / Smart integrated led light indicator / IC Protection / Over current protection / Short-circuit protection / Over voltage protection / Over charge protection

2 i-blades brand comming soon!
expensive but quality and more Replacement Parts more fun

3 mophie comming soon!
expensive quality test more befoe sale

4 Apple official website comming soon!
expensive quality but lots of negtive reviews for can’t work from the past phone models reviews
iPhone 11 Pro max Smart Battery case – black
iPhone 11 Pro max Smart Battery case – White
iPhone 11 Pro max Smart Battery case – Pink

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery case Extra Power smart charging case Thin longer battery life Shock proof protect your cell phone inner soft fiber use for Qi wireless charging qi centified stand when it is charging the indicate led let you know the charge you left Li-polymer battery top quality excellent performance suitable for IOS 13

iPhone 11 Pro Max charging case Battery Pack External Backup Charger High Capacity Thin Portable Power Bank Extra Shockproof Protective Cover lightweight Precise cutout ports and buttons

iPhone 11 Pro Max charger case extended Slim Rechargeable battery Portable phone cover for Girls Backup Power Bank Pink

USB-C USB-PD USB port export you can charge other mobile pad PC laptop by change different adapter best phone accessory to choose button no chin TPU + Plastic Rubber full body hold well easy use just plug in the phone and just click switch button it will start charge battery cases

Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max Charging Cover Portable Protective Rechargeable Extended Battery Charger Power Bank Back up
external battery pack The raised front lips design bumps heavy duty PROTECTION against impacts drop and scratching no worry about both of the phone and battery case get damage

Battery Cover for iPhone 11 Pro Max Slim Case with kickstand do not built in the screen protector so it will note protect you Phone 11 Pro Max screen
super choice for traveling Protect case for all day power support
this case could sync date with charging at the same time
works well for port and button Speakers microphone lightning port and headphones

Pass Fcc CCC Rohs CE centification
Input:DC 5V-2A
Output:DC 5V-2A
can work in hard environment by heat and cold
one product just all in one part
other one will have 2 replacement part
Fashion Style Look Design better grip

you will found 2800 mah 3000 mah 3500 mah 4000 mah 4500 mah 4800 mah 5000 mah 5500 mah 6000 mah 6500 mah 7000 mah

iPhone 11 Pro Max Extended Case Chip upgrade 10 safety care
Intelligent protection system, polymer lithium battery,
Class A circuit protection, are only effective to avoid short circuit,over discharge, over charge, over voltage, over current,over power, etc. as well as faults under harsh conditions

Security certification upgrade 10 protection
Over Temperature Protection
Over Short circuit Protection
Reset Restore protection
Over core tpu Protection
Overcharge Protection
Over-placed Protection
Oer-voltage Protection
Over power Protection
Battery Over-current Protection
Electromagnetic field Protection
Over current Protection
Overdischarge Protection

iPhone 11 Pro Max Charging Case Charge the battery will not affect the normal Effectively use
sciently And operation of power supply battery overwork The battery discharge
at high temperatures discharge excess due to external rate of discharge Through the large Cooling protection

input data cable
environment that effectively prevents Automatic protection backplug The circuit will overcharging of the affects the mobile power
excessive battery in case of short automatically protect battery for a long time supply can be restored circuit electricity the charging device by switching

When the phones own battery is in a hurry just press the back clip power button Can start charging

iPhone 11 Pro Max Charging Case TPU Soft Edge Glass Back When the tpu mat inclusive, it encounters the 9H gradient glass back ate, and cares for the mobile phone while taking into account the beauty
of the mobile phone

With cable Adapter Two Mobile phones Are Charging At The Same Time

Magnetic attraction Separate Wireless
Product Name: Back clip power Bank
Material: ABS PC

Magnetic Attraction Power Bank Phone case
Separate Magnet Wireless Back clip
magnetic back function

Speaker Hole
Hole of microphone
USB Type-c
Charging Port
Audio port

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery case LED POWER INDICATOR
Battery Switch and power Indicator 2 in 1
Press the button 3 seconds to start charging
when charging led indicators are lighting
press the button 3 seconds to stop charge
Press the button 3 seconds
Know The Battery Remaining Electricity At Any Time
Smart led Indicator
75-100% 50-75% 25-50% 0-25%
Please don’t forget to check the battery remaining electricity before you go out

Convenience Large capacity Aluminum alloy Put on charge fast charging Simple and stylish

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case WIRELESS CHARGING MOBILE POWER The Trouble with Data Lines No need to bring the data cable, it is the mobile phone case and the charging sorption is firm and does not affect the wireless charging
Combine wireless charging technology with mobile power press the power button
lt s quick and easy to put on your phone Wearing the phone case can also be charged
normally, charging is fast and stable
Note: It is recommended not to exceed 8mm sensing distance ≤8mm

USB x Wireless charging simultaneous output, stable load
Meet two mobile phones simultaneously charging

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Cover The surface is round non-slip silicone Prevent scratching the phone case and prevent the phone from sliding down

iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Mobile phone anti-slip and scratch Round non-slip silicone
Type-C and Android interface FAST OUTPUT AND INPUT ISB 5V/2.1A high current output
support QI wireless charging 5W current output
LED Android input Type-C input USB Output indicator

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Protective TPU top quality material plating design Simple and generous, stylish high-end style gives a sense of atmosphere
Large coils are pioneeringly combined and magnetically separated
Centralized charging is more stable and faster

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery case Upgrade higth CAPACITY battery energy
The battery has more power storage and can be charged morc times
Built-in independent temperature sensing probe automatic charging and discharging terrperature exceeding the critical
Reduce current input, charging is not hot, discharge is more stable Charging is/More stable

LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERY Gel state electrolyte, aluminum-plastic wrap
no leakage to prevent explosion charging and safer

iPhone 11 Pro Max Charging Cover No chin More Compact, More Lighter,Easier to hold
Built-in cell phone bracket. release your hands
Fast charging+ data transmission 2 in 1

No chin More Compact, More Lighter, Easier to hold Mounts & Stands

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